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[Update 1/6/19] QoL + Bug Fixes!

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1B Store Additions:



Infinite Overload Potion (i)

Can be obtained by upgrading a Infinite Overload Potion

Can be used to boost all combat stats to 125

Automatically boosts all combat stats to 125 every 30 seconds



Limited Time Armour sets:

Only obtainable through Store boxes and the Donation store





  • Ended christmas event
  • Donating for Crimson pernix will now give the correct items
  • Owner Ring now gives x2 slayer points
  • Added Donator point tickets in the Donator store
  • Removed an unneeded spawn at delzone
  • Added a texture overlay for 100% dr scroll 
  • Added a texture overlay for x2 drops scroll 
  • Added ::rules command to redirect to the rules page
  • Added ::priceguide command to redirect to the price guide page
  • Fixed vorago damage distribution
  • Referral codes can now give multiple rewards
  • The Scythe of Vitur has been slightly buffed
  • Increased price of worldwide events
  • Planting flowers has been temporarily disabled
  • Rolling dice has been temporarily disabled
  • Decreased sell price of items to 75% of original price
  • Double slayer point ring is no longer stackable
  • Fixed definitions for Double slayer point ring
  • There is now a limit when opening all of a box
  • All bonds are now stackable
  • 100% dr scroll is now stackable
  • x2 drops scroll is now stackable
  • The discord button now works on the client
  • Added a drop rate boost to tectonic armour
  • The sanguinesti staff now hits twice
  • The requirement to attack vetion has been lowered
  • The requirement to attack Crimson rangers has been lowered
  • Lowered the spawn time for Darklords
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