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Rules of Ethereal

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Rule 1. Loans, lending, donations and trust Trades.

  • Members of the staff team are not allowed to lend any items out.
  • Players are allowed to lend out items but at their own risk, Staff will not ensure any loans.
  • All donations bought in the game should be done with staff as MM. 
  • Players are not allowed to engage in unbalanced trades/gambles on the promise of a future donation.

Rule 2.  No player killing with custom items.

  • You are not allowed to use custom items in the wilderness and you are not allowed to lure players into the wilderness.

Rule 3. Help cc and yell. 

  • The help cc is for players to receive answers on questions on in-game content. 
  • Do not ask for any gamble request in the Help CC. 
  • All rules apply in the help cc, hence flaming, offensive language, begging are equally forbidden in the Help cc
  • Players are allowed to ask for any gamble request in yell, but make sure not to spam. (or join gamble fc)

Rule 4. Impersonation of Others players.

  • Players are not allowed to impersonate other members of the community, especially staff members. 
  • This includes but is not limited to, usernames similar to staff members, using icons in yell/cc/pm/chat or falsely claiming to be a staff member. 
  • Impersonation of a staff member may lead to an automatic ban. 

Rule 5. No multi-account pvm, not even at a different boss.

  • Players are allowed to have up to 2 accounts online with the same IP at any time.
  • You are not allowed to pvm on 2 regular accounts at the same time, one can pvm and others can skill.
  • You cannot do tasks on multiple accounts to claim rewards.
  • You are allowed to pvm on 1 regular account and 1 ironman at the same time, but not the same npc (eventboss not included). 

Rule 6. No RWT in any way shape or form or sharing account.

  • Players are not allowed to sell any wealth, accounts, or items for PayPal, cash, or any means of real-life payment/and or other virtual games.
  • Players are not allowed to sell, buy, or trade RuneScape wealth or accounts.
  • Buying/selling/sharing account is illegal.

Rule 7. No trading items to or from an Ironman.

  • Players are not allowed to drop trade item from an ironman to any other accounts. 

Rule 8. No advertising other servers.

  • Players are not allowed to advertise other servers or websites.

Rule 9. Do not spam Sil, especially calling him on discord, you'll be instantly blocked.

  • Only Pm Sil if its important.
  • Only tag Sil on discord if it's important.

Rule 10. Safe spotting NPC

  • Players are not allowed to safe spot any bosses or monsters.

Rule 11. No pkp farming.

  • No pkp farming at any point.

Rule 12. No refunding donations.

  • Players cant get donation refund make sure only to donate if you can afford it.

Rule 13. No achievement farming.

  • Players are not allowed to farming any achievement rewards, bonds, etc.

Rule 14. No evading staff/rules.

Rule 15. Staff application.

  • Do not ask ANY staff to get staff rank, go make a staff application.
  • Players are not allowed to ask people to view their staff application.

Rule 16. No harassment or flame of any kind

  • Sexual harassment will result in instant punishment.
  • Flaming other people will result in punishment.

Rule 17. Selling donor items such as overloads is not allowed.

  • Players are not allowed to sell/trade overlord.
  • Players are not allowed to sell/trade donor items.

Rule 18. Rule bending is illegal

  • Example: "I did not sell him/her overload's I gave them to him/her because selling them is illegal".

Rule 19. No vote manipulation

  • Example: VPN voting.

Rule 20. No using 3rd party programs of any kind.

  • Botting
  • Scripting
  • Macroing
  • Auto clicking
  • Auto-typing

Rule 21. Staff members.

  • Staff Members are not allowed to FP/Gamble/dice on staff account.
  • Staff Members are not allowed to lend items out.
  • Staff Members are not allowed to play other RSPS Servers.

Rule 22. Gambling Rules. 

  • Players should always use trusted Middleman when FP/Gamle to hold.
  • Players are not allowed to gamble/dice or plant for another player less than 30-hour playtime.
  • Pots must be specified before gambling to avoid confusion.
  • It is recommended you record all pots to insure not being scammed
  • No pets are allowed at gamble area.

Rule 23. Icons

  • Do not use icons in chat (help chat, Yell or in general).

Rule 24. Cannons

  • No use of cannons in cages.

Rule 25. Giveaways

  • Staff can giveaway up to 15T per event  ( Must be approved by an Admin or Sil )

Rule 26. Racism

  • No Racism is allowed.

Rule 27. Hacks / Threats/3rd party

  • Any hack threats towards the server, staff or players will be taken seriously. This includes but is not limited to, DDOS, SQL Injection, Use of third party software/sites to phish passwords.
  • No use of third party software to afk NPCs 

Rule 28. Disrespect Staff

  • No disrespecting Staff

Rule 29. Toxicity

  • Any Type of Toxicity will be dealt with accordingly.

Rule 30. Slot Machine

  • Maximum 2 accounts is allowed to use the slot machine at one time, exception is 1 Ulimate Iron Man account
  • If you are caught doing otherwise you will be jailed and have the item/items taken away

Violating any of these rules may lead to your account being Jailed, Banned or Muted.

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