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  1. Welcome to the Forums! FiveZero Happy to see you go out an introduce yourself, can't wait to joke around with you in-game, cya around.
  2. Hello, Ethereal Community So, basically i really enjoy forums when it comes to communities, with that being said, there isn't really anything interesting going on right now around the forum side of things, therefore i have decided to create a fun little q/a thread to give some initiative to logging on to the forums everyday. Essentially, what this thread will consist of is me every day posting a new question, in which you all will respond with an answer, pretty simple idea but its very fun, and goes a long way. With that being said, all questions will be posted below, including my own personal answer, hope you guys enjoy! Question (#1): What is your favorite thing about RSPS's/Ethereal My Answer: My favorite thing about Ethereal specifically is the grind aspect, and what i mean by this is that you can grind something and actually see results unlike some other custom servers.
  3. Great Guide, David! Thanks for taking your time to help the community.
  4. Hello, Ethereal Community My name is Mason (a.k.a) Vicious, i have been playing RuneScape for around 8 years now, and private servers for 3, I prefer playing custom servers such as this one cause they are super addicting and always have some new content to try out, i have been playing the server for about a day now and enjoyed the hell out of it, anyways that pretty much does it for my introduction haha Sincerely, Mason
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