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  1. I sadly didn't have my recording software on when this happened but here's the story: took 800b roughly out of my pouch, took 700 ckeys out of my bank to go upgrade them, upgraded all of them got 2 gold keys from them, went to burnt chest opened both keys and got 3 1b tickets from the first key and 5 1b tickets from the second key. proceeded to add the total 8b into my pouch and noticed my pouch only said 8b so i figured maybe i banked the 800b or whatever was remaining after the ckey upgrading and went to go look. Can't find the 800b or have any idea where it could have gone i walked around to see if maybe i dropped it or if anyone was saying "holy shit i just found 800b" but noone was saying anything. I understand that without video evidence i cant prove i had 800b so i don't expect to get the money back but from the story that happen to me maybe you can figure out if a code went wrong or something before it happens to someone else for a even larger amount.
  2. Nothing crazy just charming imp will pick up charms and put into my invo but the charm will also drop on the ground. https://plays.tv/video/5d8f445247a1ae7208/charm-imp-dupe
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