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  1. 1B Store Additions: Infinite Overload Potion (i) Can be obtained by upgrading a Infinite Overload Potion Can be used to boost all combat stats to 125 Automatically boosts all combat stats to 125 every 30 seconds Limited Time Armour sets: Only obtainable through Store boxes and the Donation store Misc: Ended christmas event Donating for Crimson pernix will now give the correct items Owner Ring now gives x2 slayer points Added Donator point tickets in the Donator store Removed an unneeded spawn at delzone Added a texture overlay for 100% dr scroll Added a texture overlay for x2 drops scroll Added ::rules command to redirect to the rules page Added ::priceguide command to redirect to the price guide page Fixed vorago damage distribution Referral codes can now give multiple rewards The Scythe of Vitur has been slightly buffed Increased price of worldwide events Planting flowers has been temporarily disabled Rolling dice has been temporarily disabled Decreased sell price of items to 75% of original price Double slayer point ring is no longer stackable Fixed definitions for Double slayer point ring There is now a limit when opening all of a box All bonds are now stackable 100% dr scroll is now stackable x2 drops scroll is now stackable The discord button now works on the client Added a drop rate boost to tectonic armour The sanguinesti staff now hits twice The requirement to attack vetion has been lowered The requirement to attack Crimson rangers has been lowered Lowered the spawn time for Darklords
  2. Angelic Warriors: Requirements: 2,500 boss kills and level 3 prestige to attack Angelic Armour: Use either a melee, ranged, or magic crystal on any piece Ranged: Melee: Magic: Misc: ::Raids now opens a dialogue to access both raids Tectonic armour now provides a Magic damage bonus Abominable snowman now drops 2 christmas boxes Snowmen now drop Christmas boxes more commonly Weapons from the Christmas event are now more common Weapons from the Christmas event will now spawn on the floor Added more items to restrictions from the gambler Removed some items from announcing globally Snow ranger pet now provides the correct drop rate bonus Seismic bow has been buffed Added a Manager rank in-game Lowered the price for ultra and supreme box from the slayer store Added some items to the slayer store Crystal armour has been removed from the donation store Placeholders will no longer toggle off when logging out Buffed the Hope crossbow Ethereal supreme bow now has the correct speed Buffed the Texturized Ranged Spirit Shield Players must now deal atleast 200k damage to receive a drop from Vorago A message will now appear when you have required the kill count to fight a boss Icy santa hat now has stats Boss kills are now displayed in the player panel Clue caskets will now drop instead of clue scrolls Clue caskets can be opened to receive clue scrolls Owner darts will now be used every hit Owner darts will now be thrown when only using one dart Human pets can no longer equip Owner darts Rainbow rex npc has been nerfed Added more Skotizo spawns Added more Abaddon spawns Added more Darklord spawns
  3. Christmas Sale! Begins on 12/19/19 and ends on 12/28/19 All items in the online Donator store are BUY ONE GET ONE! (With the exception of Owner items) Additional deals: (Speak to Sil) - Receive Owner cape for free with the purchase of an Owner ring or Owner necklace - Receive a free snowman pet with the purchase of an Icy santa hat - For additional deals, please message Sil Top Donators during this Sale: 1st Place: - An exclusive custom item of their choice (Speak to Sil for more information) - 30% of your donation amount rewarded in bonds 2nd Place: - 20% of your donation amount rewarded in bonds 3rd Place: - 10% of your donation amount rewarded in bonds
  4. The Christmas Event: Speak to the Snowman at home to teleport to the Christmas Event Collecting Snow: Collect snowballs from any of the piles of snow When collecting snow, there is a chance that you may receive a Ice sword, Winter staff, or Holly bow Creating a Snowman: Snowmen can be spawned by using 100 snowballs on an Ice sword, Winter staff, or Holly bow Drop table: Pets (50% Drop rate): The Abominable Snowman: After receiving a Snow key drop from a snowman, you may fight the Abominable Snowman Drop table: Pet (100% Drop rate): Christmas Boxes: Icy Santa Hat (SUPER Rare): 100% Drop rate Ice Scythe: Ice Amulet: Snowy Rex Set: Misc: Added more items to the Donator store Ghrazi rapier will now hit twice Seismic wand will now hit twice Added a new referral system Added a 100% drop rate scroll 50% drop rate scroll can be upgraded into a 100% drop rate scroll Buffed the Ethereal Supreme bow The Slot machine will no longer take your money if you reached your limit
  5. Survivor Raids: Accessed by the Teleport interface or ::survivor Group raiding system with a maximum of five team members Easy: 3 waves No cost Rewards: Medium: 4 waves Costs 100b for each person Requires 50 Easy raids Rewards: Hard: 5 waves Costs 250b for each person Requires 100 Medium raids Rewards: Slayer Box: Obtained from all slayer monsters Drop rate is dependent on the monsters hitpoints Misc: Slot machine limits will now reset correctly Increased the Ranged strength of Rainbow minigun Changed the upgrade cost and percent of success when upgrading a Dragon minigun Increased the price of Ethereal minigun in the 1b store Added some items to the 1b ticket store Added $10 bond to the Supreme box drop table When selling items to the General store the coins will go to your pouch Increased the drop rate of the max cape to 25% Increased the drop rate of the Infernal max cape to 25% Increased the drop rate of the Completionist cape to 50% Staff members can now reload shops The Crystal armour set now has a drop rate boost Players are now allowed to create bonfires Edited the price of 99 lamps in the Pest control shop The turkey pet drop rate is now correct All Owner items are no longer usable in Solo raids A daily spin will no longer be used if you don’t have enough money All Donator ranks will now appear correctly in the clan chat Thieving stalls in the Donator zone will no longer teleport you out of the zone Crystal set will now be received when donating through the store
  6. Power Crystals: Obtainable through Supreme boxes and the Donation store Can be added to Ring of Devotion and Darklord cape (More will be added soon) Melee Crystal: Ranged Crystal: Magic Crystal: New Slayer Tasks: Vetion Lexicuses Blood hounds Gano Skotizo Undead hounds Tokash Angry rex Crimson rangers Shaman defenders Darklords Darkblue wizards Abaddon Rainbow rex Darth rangers Lucid warriors Owner Ring and Necklace: Obtainable only through the Donator Store Slot Maching Daily Limits: Regular: 50 Donator: 75 Super Donator: 100 Extreme Donator: 150 Legendary Donator: 200 Uber Donator: 250 Deluxe Donator: 300 VIP Donator: 500 Misc: Added an Open-all function to Super boxes Added Owner ring and necklace Pest control points will now save when logging out Human pets wearing bows will now hit the correct amount Vorago will only hit players near him Upgrading a Dragonkin lamp will no longer announce Claiming all Vote scrolls now works correctly Fixed typos in the Well of goodwill Certain donator ranks will no longer override staff ranks Deluxe donator rank now gives the correct drop rate boost Double vote rewards now work correctly
  7. Thanksgiving/Black Friday Weekend Sale! Begins on 11/27 and ends on 12/2 All items in the online Donator store are BUY ONE GET ONE! (With the exception of Owner items) Additional deals: (Speak to Sil) - Receive Owner cape for free with the purchase of an Owner ring or Owner necklace - Receive 2 free Human Pet Crystals with the purchase of a Human pet - Receive 2 free Store boxes with the purchase of a Custom Justiciar set - Receive 2 free Store boxes with the purchase of a Hope set Top Donators during this Sale: 1st Place: - An exclusive custom item of their choice (Speak to Sil for more information) - 30% of your donation amount rewarded in bonds 2nd Place: - 20% of your donation amount rewarded in bonds 3rd Place: - 10% of your donation amount rewarded in bonds
  8. Thanksgiving Event: Speak to the Turkey at home for information and to access the shop Turkey Boss: The Turkey boss will spawn every 30 minutes at ::Turkey You will receive 3 points for every 5,000 damage dealt. There is a 1/1000 chance of receiving the Turkey pet. Turkey Pet: A 1/1000 drop from the Turkey boss Can add Pumpkin pies to increase drop rate Turkey Hunting: Find hidden Turkeys near some teleports (Mainly at home) Rewarded 1 Thanksgiving point Gambler: Can use most items on him to have a chance of it being doubled Accessed the Slot machine Slot Machine: Costs 50B per spin Must land on three of the same item to receive the reward Pest Control Shop: Magic damage: Added Magic damage that now effects max hit Misc: Dragonkin lamps are now stackable Dropping pets will now summon the pet Increased the capacity of npcs spawned Super boxes drops will no longer be announced Blackstone warmonger now drops x25 Super boxes All the stores in the Player owned store can now be accessed When viewing a shop the name will show up in the title Hellfire battlestaff is now announced as a drop Added a Hellfire spirit shield with 15% magic damage Added the Hellfire spirit shield to the Store box loot
  9. Ironman Zone: Exclusive zone for Ironmen players only Three different Ironmen monsters that drop Armour A building that contains shops and a bank You can access this zone by typing ::ironman Loyalty Box: Overlay that is toggle-able through the settings interface Obtained every 6 hours of playtime The timer is paused when the player is in the AFK Zone Starter Tasks changes: Changed some of the tasks and the rewards Redid the interface and made it more appealing Thieving Stalls: Increased the sell price of each of the items Added an anti-autoclicking system for the stalls A full inventory of Scimitars is roughly 11B (~500B+/hr) Loyalty Store changes: Misc: The Training npcs no longer have requirements Spooky minigun will now shoot twice Decreased cost for fighting the Blackstone warmonger Raids chests are now more profitable Partyhats will no longer be announced from Mystery boxes Increased the damage of high tier bows Added more spawns to some of the donator zones Range spirit shield now has a ranged strength bonus Seismic bow is now a two-handed weapon Sinews can no longer be obtained from the tree at raids 50% boots no longer require 75 range to equip Added a Open-all option to some boxes Increased idle time to 2 hours until teleported to the Afk zone Lowered the max hit of Rainbow Rex Added more cash drops to Rainbow Rex Formatted the price check message in the player owned shops Players will now receive the tools when dying in raids The chat box interface for leveling up Construction has been fixed The doors in the Legendary Donator zone now work The cooking range in the skilling hut is now usable
  10. *The Halloween event is now officially over* Solo Raids: Can be accessed from Minigame teleports or ::Raids 3 difficulties: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Requirements: Starting Room: Portal to leave raid if you wish Fishing spots to acquire food (Only requires 1 fishing) Fire to cook the food you fished First Room: Corpse mage (Magic), Corpe range (Range), and Ramokee deathslinger (Melee) After the monsters are slain you must mine 10 Scabra ore and use the anvil to create a Scabra bars Beginner: Each praying melee Intermediate+: Each praying different attack style Second Room: Ramokee stormbringer (Magic), Ramokee skinweaver (Range), and Ramokee bloodrager (Melee) After the monsters are slain you must chop 10 Scabra logs and fletch them into a hammer handle Use the Scabra bar and Hammer handle to create a Raid hammer which is required to enter the last room Beginner Dungeon: Each praying range Intermediate+: Each praying different attack style and must be attacked with a specific style Third Room: Beginner: Blink (Praying Magic) Intermediate: Dreadnaut Advanced: Hope devourer Rewards: Raid key (Beginner) Loot Raid key (Intermediate) Loot Raid key (Advanced) Loot The weapons must be forged together using the two separate pieces together New Raid Equipment: Misc: Store boxes have been buffed Moved to Afk zone as an extension of the home island Vorago loot is now more common Added more boss spawns to the Donator zones Increased the Clan chat capacity Increased the cost of world events Golden key upgrades will no longer announce Rock golem animation is no longer glitched Archer ring(+) is no longer stackable American pernix can now be upgraded again Added blackstone range boots and gloves to the upgrader Buff hellfire magic armour Increased the coin reward from voting Ironmen will now receive 10 minutes of bonus exp when using vote scroll All the mining spots at home now work Ironmen are no longer able to buy items from the 1b ticket store Rock golem can no longer be obtained from the Afk rock Slightly nerfed the loot from the Afk rock Darklord tokens now announce Increased Groudon's hitpoints 50% boots can now be upgraded into a Paper sack Added the loot from Golden keys to the 1b store
  11. AFK Zone Players will teleport here automatically after being inactive for over an hour Players can also teleport here by typing ::afk Afk rock: Can be mined for rewards Only one account per IP can be mining it at the same time Blackstone Warmonger changes: Spawns every hour Costs 1000B to fight To pay you must speak to the Mini warmonger near the teleport Guaranteed drop for all those who fight the boss Can now also be accessed by ::blackstone Donator Zone spawns: Donator zone monster spawns: Blood hounds Extreme zone monster spawns: Blood hounds Tokash Vet’ion Legendary zone monster spawns: Angry rex Darklords Lucid warriors Crimson rangers Uber zone monster spawns: Tokash Darth rangers Rainbow rex Darklords Lucid warriors Misc: Added more sellable items to the 1B ticket store Added a 2500 killcount cap for training monsters Hellfire battlestaff is no longer stackable Hellfire blade is no longer stackable 100% dr scroll is now more rare from Infernal beast Edited some Infernal beast drop rates Human pet now gives a 25% drop rate boost X2 scroll with max money doesn't get added to pouch North-east Canifis is no longer a wilderness zone The price of the Demonic sword in the Slayer store has been corrected There is now a warning when clicking the "Remove all" button on the Human pet Increased multiple upgrade prices Lowered blowpipe selling price Increased cost of x2 drops scroll in the boss points store Increased cost of x2 drops scroll in the voting store Removed Egyptian sword (g) and seismic staff from announcing Added a special attack to the Ethereal warhammer Buffed Ethereal supreme crossbow The jail location has been moved Decreased upgrade amount for crimson pernix to Darth torva Darth Torva can now be upgraded to Blackstone range armour Players can no longer set slayer task difficulty while on a task Added a previous teleport option when right-clicking the “t” button Added ::prev and ::previous command to teleport to previous teleport Players will no longer get extra slayer points from wearing Max capes Hellfire robes are now named correctly X2 scrolls will no longer work for the following npc's: Darth Rangers, Rainbow Rex, Hellfire Wizards, Justicar X2 scrolls will no longer work for mass bosses Drop rates will no longer have effect on mass boss drops Custom Justiciar armour now gets announced as drops Lit sword can now be upgraded to Hellfire shadow sword Infernal beast hitpoints has been increased Abaddon hitpoints has been increased Added the Dragon pets to the Hellfire dragon drops
  12. Vorago: Requires 500 Darth ranger and 500 Rainbow rex to attack Drops the new best in slot items only obtainable through Vorago Vorago is a mass boss and can drop loot for up to three people Human Pet: Only obtainable through the Donator store Contains three presets which can hold different equipment Whatever you add to the pet will be removed and can not be retrieved again Adding drop rate items to the pet will have no effect to the drop rate of the pet To add drop rate to the pet you must add Human pet crystals to it The max hit of the pet is equivalent to 50% of normal max hits Lucid Warrior changes: Lucid warriors now require 250 Sagittare kills Lucid warriors now have 60,000 hitpoints Custom Justiciar is now dropped by Lucid warriors Donator Store Additions: Additional Client Options: Misc: Players can now accept invitations for duo-slayer The Consumables lady will no longer restore special attack Loot messages from store boxes will now show the correct names Store boxes will now announce loot as news Buffed the accuracy and strength of the Ethereal longsword special Increased the chance of upgrading Mystery box and Crystal keys Changed the cost and percentages for various upgrades Scythes special will now only hit twice Lowered the cost of Overloads in the Loyalty store Added ::sagittare command to teleport to Sagittare quicker Armadyl machine will no longer change models when in the bank Custom Justiciar is no longer stackable Added more Shaman Defender spawns Added more Tokash spawns The challenge option now works in the Duel arena When forfeiting a duel, you will now be moved to the correct location Blackstone gloves are no longer stackable Blackstone boots are no longer stackable Lucid warriors now have hands and feet Edited prices of most items in the Slayer store Buffed the range bonus of Sliske armour Buffed the attack bonuses of the Ethereal warhammer Changed some Clue scroll rewards Added more sellable items to the 1b ticket store
  13. Crimson Rangers: Requires 300 Vet'ion kills to attack Darth Rangers: Requires 500 Crimson ranger kills to attack 1B ticket store: The 1b ticket store npc is in the bank at home Items that are sellable to the store: Misc: Pets will no longer follow/interact with other players Decreased the npc requirement amounts for some of the training monsters Collector’s necklace now picks up ammunition The Rainbow rex npc now has hands and feet Custom rex armour has been renamed to Rainbow rex Decreased Vet’ion respawn timer Rainbow skateboard is no longer upgradeable Easy achievement tasks now give 500m coins Medium achievement tasks now give 1000m coins Changed the server support icon All bosses will now give boss points Fixed the Max cape inventory model Added a banker to the Gambling zone Slightly increased the drop rate for some Donator ranks Ironman players Donator icon will now show in the chat Separated Staff rank from Donator rank Added Donator rank to the quest tab Adding logs to a bonfire now counts towards the light logs starter task
  14. *First player to receive a full Reaper set will be rewarded with a $50 bond* Halloween Updates: The Halloween monsters can be accessed by speaking to Pumpkin Pete at home Each of the monsters need requirements to attack Halloween boxes are dropped by all of the Halloween monsters Halloween boxes have a chance of giving any of the items that are dropped by the monsters and also a Eek pet Ghostly spirit: Requires 100 Untouchable kills Spooky Rex: Requires 1000 Ghostly spirit kills Reaper: Requires 1000 Spooky Rex kills Halloween Boxes: Eek: Has a 25% drop rate boost when summoned Vote store changes: Misc: All pet drops will now be announced Owner cape stat bonuses have been nerfed Owner cape now has a 100% drop rate bonus Shaman defender animations have been fixed Pets will now go to the bank if the inventory is full Blood hounds is now named correctly when received as a task Cannons can no longer be used in the training zone Defender shield stats have been buffed Abaddon sword is now faster The damage of Miniguns has been buffed Most pet sizes have been corrected Pets will no longer have overhead prayers The Bravek teleport location has been changed Buffed the stats of the Polypore staff Upgrades will now be announced globally Removed announcements for some items Drop announcements will now display the kill count
  15. Ganodermic Warlocks: Requires 50 Untouchable kills to attack Drops Ganodermic armour and Polypore staff Polypore staff has a built-in spell that doesn’t require runes Atrox ammunition: Ammo boxes can be obtained from Mystery boxes Ammo boxes give new type of ammunition Ammunition and their Ranged strength bonus: Misc: Ironmen players now have a 25% drop rate bonus increase Hellfire battlestaff now has the correct stats Removed the magic requirement to equip a Seismic staff Blood hound pet can now takes up the correct amount of tiles Blood hound pet now follows the player correctly Staves that have an autocast spell now show the correct attack speed in the equipment tab Angry rex now requires 200 Ganodermic Warlock kills to attack Wizard of trident now requires 200 Ganodermic Warlock kills to attack Darkblue wizards now require 400 Ganodermic Warlock kills to attack An items drop rate will now be displayed by examining it The “Check rewards” option now works on a Super box The “Check rewards” option now works on a Clue casket It now requires x50 1B Tickets to fill the well of goodwill Added a player backup system to save all player files Deathblue staff item definitions have been adjusted Renamed Scroll of praise to match its purpose Renamed Scroll of cleansing to match its purpose Red keys are no longer obtainable Edited the Equipment bonuses tab The Ranged strength bonus has been added Ranged strength is now taken to effect when calculating ranged max hit Added full American pernix set to the Super box loot Added $10 bond as a rare from an Ultra box Moved Blood hounds to a new location Added more Blood hound spawns Slightly reduced the strength bonus of Shaman defenders Added Dragon minigun as a rare to Golden keys Infernal primordials item definitions have been adjusted Most rare drops from bosses are now announced Buffed the Strength bonus of the Legacy shield Added a Double exp ring to the Donator store
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