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  1. hagrid

    Eminem VS MGK

    personally , i prefer old school rap and eminem have some word that goes straight to my heart so ii choose him over mgk ,, but mgk still better than post malone and six nine
  2. Hi , my name is Sam , i'm 23 years old .. i've been played runescape for the past 16 years and rsps for 10 approx .. i'm living in canada and english is my 3th language i speak french , flammant and english , i first join this server to finally use a gun in Runescape and now i'm addicted to .... feel free to hit me up in game ! if u want to learn some french i'm the man ! enjoy .
  3. Welcome Victor, hit me up in-game user: hagrid
  4. nice loot , keep the grind to 100T now !
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