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  1. Made a video version of this. Can't seem to edit the post so i'll just post here
  2. Step 1 The first thing you should do upon creating your account is type ::vote and vote for the server on all the top lists. You should get 4 vote scrolls, which sells for 35b ea, meaning you get 140b to start with just by voting. Not to mention that by voting you're also helping the server grow. Step 2 With the 140b you have, buy a golden minigun and full american pernix from the 1b ticket shop located near the bank at home. If the shop is out of golden miniguns, try buying from players for a little bit more than shop price. Step 3 With your newly acquired golden minigun and american pernix chaps, head over to Cerberus and kill 500 of those. You'll get 500b tickets for killing 500 cerberus, and you'll also get 2k boss points in the process. Step 4 With your 2k boss points, head over to the boss point shop and buy a "x2 Drops Scroll". Sell the scroll to other players for 1000b cash (1t) or more. Step 5 If you've followed this guide, you should have 1500b by now. That's enough to try to buy a dragon minigun (They are actually 2000b, but some players might sell for less). If you can't seem to buy a dragon minigun for 1.5t, save your cash and move to the next step to make more money. Step 6 Now it's time for a grind. Head over to ::train and start progressing through the cages. Pick up all the crystal keys and mystery boxes. Try to upgrade the crystal keys into gold keys and open all the mboxes. You'll get a lot of cash from the mboxes. Save that up until you have 2000b total, then buy a dragon minigun if you haven't already. When you get to the cage number 6 you can either stop at 200 dark squall kills, or finish progressing through the cages, it's up to you. For the next step you only need 200 dark squall kills. Step 7 Now that you have a dragon minigun and 200 dark squall kills, you have to kill 300 vetions in order to unlock the next boss. Step 8 After 300 vetion kills, you unlock the crimson ranger boss, which is where you'll start to make real money. You can either keep the crimson pernix pieces you get or sell it for 400b ea. The goal here is to get 500 crimson ranger kills in order to unlock the next boss. Step 9 Now that you've killed 500 crimson rangers, you can start killing Darth Rangers. These drop Darth Maul pieces, which are worth 3-4t each according to price guide. Farm this boss until your hands start hurting. Step 10 By now you should be quite familiar with this game, and should know enough to start making your own path. I wish you the best of luck in your journey 🙂
  3. Hey everyone, I'm Victor and I started playing ethereal today. I hope to have a good time on this server and maybe even make some friends :) Feel free to shoot me a pm in-game
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