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  3. New Home Map: New AFK objects Afk Tree: Requires 10,000 Afk rocks mined and Legendary donator Afk Tree (i): Requires 20,000 Afk trees cut and Deluxe donator
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    after player 9 hrs,,

    the whole start content needs reworking imo, its so hard for a new starter to get going and make cash to even start playing this server. yes there are multi raids but no ones ever on who is wanting to do them - then you get a good drop after finding someone whose at the same gear level than yourself. finally! (power crystall) but no one is on to buy it. since i got full american per set i havent advanced, i havent even got gloves its that bad.
  5. Step 1. When u first start do ::promo/ refer ( Youtuber’s name) to receive a golden minigun, blood sword (u), polypore staff and 2 ultra boxes. You should sell the blood sword (u) and polypore staff to the 1b shop, and buy a american pernix set. 1b shop is in home bank. Now head over to ::shops and buy some hand cannon shots, from the range shop. also do ::vote and vote on all the sits, you should get 4 vote scrolls, which sells for 150-200b ea. Step 2. Don't forget to make an alt acc, that you place at the afk zone, i suggest that you lampe its mining to lvl 99 and get a infernal pickaxe, since you can make 1-3t every day there just by being afk. Step 3. Now head over to ::train and kill. 200. dark squalls 500. untouchables Remember to and pick up mboxes, since it's a good way to make some cash and get lamps for max cape. By this time you should have around 2t, so you can buy a dragon minigun. Step 4. You need to have all skills at level 99 for max cape. when you have lamped all your skills to lvl 99 go speak with King lathas at ::shops and claim the max title, when you have done that go and buy a max cape from the veteran, he is located south of home. Step 5. Now you should go kill 200 blood hounds, so you can get a drop rate pet. After you have done the 200 blood hounds, i suggest that you go kill 400 ganodermic warlocks. You find bloodhounds and ganodermic warlocks in boss teleport. Step 6. Now head over to vetions and after you have killed 200 vetions, you should go kill crimson rangers, and work on getting some crimson gear. Step 7. Money makers. By this time you should go farm some money, so you can upgrade your gear. I suggest you go kill angry rex’s, sagittare or start doing custom slayer, which regs 99 slayer. To and start custom slayer you must do ::changebravek. Now you just click on the slayer skill and select teleport to master. also hellfire wizards are great way to make some cash. Step 8. Mid tier gear. Now you start to upgrade your gear and get some drop rate items. You should aim for a rainbow minigun and darth maul set or hellfire battlestaff and dark blue set or infernal set. For the drop rate items you should go for ring of devotion, 50% dr boots and a collector necklace. After you have gotten some decent gear, you should start doing raids or start doing the starter tasks. Step 9. Raids. Since Sil made such great guides on the update threads, i am just gonna leave the links for the threads. Sole raid. https://etherealps.org/community/index.php?/topic/49-update-11319-solo-raids-more/ Survivor raid. https://etherealps.org/community/index.php?/topic/60-update-12619-survivor-raids-slayer-box-more/ At the solo raids you should aim for the hope gear, since it is one of the best tribrid gear sets for mid tier/ end game, but it is also one of the best armour sets for mass bosses and raids. Now if you want to go with mage gear, i highly suggest that you start working on the kc regs for vorago, so you can get a tectonic set. You can get a sanguinesti staff from survivor raids. Now if you wanted to go with the range gear and you have gotten yourself a hope crossbow from solo raids, you should aim after getting a custom justiciar set because of the drop rate bonus. But if you want to go melee, you should do the survivor raid, for incursio set and the scythe of vitur or ghrazi rapier and avernic defender. After you have have gotten one of the sets, then are you ready to and start doing all the endgame bosses and should be able to make a lot of money pretty easy, just by doing pvm and slayer. The sets can also be upgraded into elite sets and the elite sets can be forged into the vindictive Set. Elite justiciar set: Elite tectonic set: Elite incursio set: Vindictive Set:
  6. New Upgradeable Items: Elite Justiciar set: Elite Tectonic set: Elite Incursio set: Fusing System: Accessed by speaking to the Item Manager in the shops area Vindictive Set: Omni Set: Darklord cape (Elite): Ring of Devotion (Elite): Overlays: Added an overlay for 100% drop rate scroll and x2 drop scroll Bonds Shop: Shop used to sell Bonds to the store Players may also buy the bonds from the store sold by other players Misc: Reduced all npc requirements by half Bonds are no longer tradeable 1B tickets no longer disappear when adding to pouch in the Wilderness Changed the price of worldwide double exp to 3T for 2 hours Changed the price of worldwide triple exp to 4T for 2 hours Changed the price of worldwide double boss points to 4T for 2 hours Opening all of a box will update all of the rewards at once Remove the Thermo Smoke Devil Removed the TopG voting link from the vote site Flattened the ::Uzone map Removed the jaw showing when equipping the Custom justiciar helm Removed the jaw showing when equipping any Rex helm Added a Damage counter for Vorago Corrected a type when receiving a Ganodermic Warlocks slayer task The Collector necklace price has been fixed in the 1b shop The Darkblue set price has been fixed in the 1b shop Rainbow Minigun can now be upgraded for a $25 bond ::Lzone is now a multi-combat zone The Animal bow speed has been made faster Added 5 super boxes to Vorago drop table ::Rules now directs to the correct location ::Priceguide now directs to the correct location All commands containing a forums link now work Ice amulet now picks up ammunition Advanced Survivor raids drop table now appears on the Possible loot interface The drop rates of the new elites are the same drop rate as Justiciar, Incursio, and Tectonic. It increases stats, the combined increases the drop rate. 40% helmet, 65% body, 65% leg Drop rate of Omni 65% helm, 90% body, 90% leg
  7. Name: Daniel In-Game Username: Envy Giant Age: 31 Country & Timezone (Include GMT): USA CST Average time played per day? 6-8 weekdays 10-12 weekends What days of the week are you available to play? mon-sun more on weekends What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? I have not been staff on a server in probably 2 years was trusted middleman on vortex and frimb Why do you want to be a Ethereal staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (200 words minimum) I have been around this server longer then most and started off with not so good of a reputation I feel like I have made up for that and want to continue to do so I have been helpful and go out of my way to help new players or anyone who asks and I wanted to submit a form or apply for staff months ago but I had to take a break due to work picking up and opening a new business with my family we are settled now and I have much more time to play and the break I took will not happen again I have wanted to be staff on this server for a very long time most of the staff team knows that and whether I get this rank or not that will not change I believe I would be a good addition to the staff team and can take some of the pressure off the higher ranks that is currently applied due to supports stepping down I have always been as helpful as I can be whether that's giving people just advise to progress in the server or making suggestions to improve the server I enjoy this server and plan to play it for as long as the server is live What are the top 5 qualities that you think a Ethereal staff member should have? 1. helpful 2. honest 3. can be strict if needed 4. know the game in and out 5. help Admin/Moderator/Manager/Owner with suggestions to make the server better for the playerbase in anyway possible Have you ever been infracted (Muted/Jailed/Banned)? NO If you answered yes to the above question, what was the reason: If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play? Yes Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc): I currently work with family at a tire/mechanic shop don't have much hobbies anymore other then video games as I have a wife and 2 kids
  8. You may only apply AFTER 3 WEEKS if re-applying You may not, under any circumstances, Reply or "Bump" your own staff application You must have at least Three Weeks of Experience in-game to apply for in-game staff along with that, your forum account must also be at least 3 Weeks Old You may Not Request Vouches from players You may Not Advertise your application in any way Any Minor Infractions can be overlooked depending on the severity Do Not Reply On Other Applications if you have an application running yourself BREAKING any of these rules or not meeting the requirements will be automatically DECLINED. This applies for not completing the application format.
  9. Name: In-Game Username: Age: Country & Timezone (Include GMT): Average time played per day? What days of the week are you available to play? What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? Why do you want to be a Ethereal staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (200 words minimum) What are the top 5 qualities that you think a Ethereal staff member should have? Have you ever been infracted (Muted/Jailed/Banned)? If you answered yes to the above question, what was the reason: If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play? Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc): Do you meet the requirements for applying, which can be found by clicking this link? The requirements are set for a reason. If you apply before meeting them, your application will be instantly declined.
  10. Eat Twat, Smoke Pot And Smile A Lot ❤️

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    (ENDED) BOGO Sale!

    Hello Sil Thnx Alots For That's Donation Deals im Already Donated Over Iam Already Bought Over 350$ Can U Please Contact With Me Or Join The Game Call Me For My x2 Store Box Gift For my Donation thnx
  12. BOGO Sale! Begins today (1/25/19) and ends on 2/1/19 All items in the online Donator store are BUY ONE GET ONE! (With the exception of Owner items) Additional deals: (Speak to Sil) - Receive Owner cape for free with the purchase of an Owner ring or Owner necklace - Free Store box with the a total purchase of over $200 - Free $25 bond with the purchase of any K'ril item - For additional deals, please message Sil Top Donators during this Sale: 1st Place: - An exclusive custom item of their choice (Speak to Sil for more information) - 30% of your donation amount rewarded in bonds 2nd Place: - 20% of your donation amount rewarded in bonds 3rd Place: - 10% of your donation amount rewarded in bonds
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    [Update 1/6/19] QoL + Bug Fixes!

    sil please help me and unban my computer igot banned by fate two weeks ago can I be back my discord :dark manzer#6374 fate also baned me from dis
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    I made a forums account L
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    Yo all! I've decided to start streaming Ethereal as I really enjoy the game, come sub to my channel (I've just started out, but I plan on doing this more often) Click me If you dont' trust the "click me" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkiMqw0NGlSYYja8l7u21dw that's the link. Big love, Bigzy
  16. Seismic weapons are the best weapons in the entire game. These are the most elite end game items. There is the seismic maul, wand, and bow. You can receive these items by being one of the few who deal 200k damage to vorago. The rate is 1/2k Drop rate does not effect the table, x2 scroll does not work on these items. Seismic Maul Seismic Wand Seismic Bow These are the strongest weapons in game, and are difficult to get. With all the confusion of stats, and how fast they are. This guide should help you all.
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    Suggestion Lists

    Bank Presets! I'd like to suggest on having bank presets, to open an interface with 3 custom presets with the actions: To save the current equipment and inventory as preset Able to save a title/name of the preset To clear the preset To load the preset equipment and inventory This suggestion is to help on saving time un-equiping and re-equiping different combat styles / custom outfits with the No. of consumables / items to be placed / organized within the inventory instead of doing it over and over again whenever we tried to stock up our inventory and organizing it. Casket & Collector's Necklace / Drop Picker! Since Collector's Necklace / Drop Pickers are doing their job picking up items from monster drops, can the Casket drops be picked up as well. Also since Casket drops picks up as a single slot space, why not having the caskets stacks up like Clue Casket and not wasting the spaces in our inventory and the Collector's Necklace's benefits Skilling Materials! Instead of having a shop in skilling zone with multiple skilling materials within, possible to open up the respective skilling shops, such as: Herblore - All the herbs, vial of water Fishing - Fishing rods, nets, cages and etc Cooking - Raw meats, raw seafoods, some pastries (uncooked bread / pizza base), and etc Runecrafting - Essences, talismans, and etc And followed by all the other skills, cause now doing skilling is hard to get materials and its as impossible to find and gather materials for those who are trying to complete Achievements task. Daily Tasks! To have dailies from Easy, Intermediate, Hard, Insane, depending on how many modes with difficulty of the modes having prizes gained according to the difficulty of the modes taken. The daily tasks are the mixtures of random combat and skilling tasks. Endless Dynamic Raids! Having dynamic contents in Endless Raids, as a creative developer myself, I believe that the Developer or Owner is possible to create an Endless Raid with the following gameplay: Every rounds are from different custom bosses with different combat styles to play with. An example like Player A enters Round 1, they'll get 2 Blood Hounds, and when Player B enters Round 1, they'll get 1 Crimson Ranger & 1 Giant Mole and etc. Completing each rounds, the bosses/mobs gets even harder, with more HP and stats Each rounds would have different count of bosses/mobs with different difficulty Upon climbing to higher rounds of the raid, you'll receive more points, such as Round 1 get 5 points, Round 2 gets 8 points and so on. Upon completing consecutive 10 rounds would get extra bonus points, such as Round 10 get extra 50 points, Round 20 gets extra 120 points There will be a shop to spend the points with Mystery Boxes, Super Boxes, Ultra Boxes, equipment for different combat styles, random pets, bonds, cosmetics and etc
  19. 1B Store Additions: Infinite Overload Potion (i) Can be obtained by upgrading a Infinite Overload Potion Can be used to boost all combat stats to 125 Automatically boosts all combat stats to 125 every 30 seconds Limited Time Armour sets: Only obtainable through Store boxes and the Donation store Misc: Ended christmas event Donating for Crimson pernix will now give the correct items Owner Ring now gives x2 slayer points Added Donator point tickets in the Donator store Removed an unneeded spawn at delzone Added a texture overlay for 100% dr scroll Added a texture overlay for x2 drops scroll Added ::rules command to redirect to the rules page Added ::priceguide command to redirect to the price guide page Fixed vorago damage distribution Referral codes can now give multiple rewards The Scythe of Vitur has been slightly buffed Increased price of worldwide events Planting flowers has been temporarily disabled Rolling dice has been temporarily disabled Decreased sell price of items to 75% of original price Double slayer point ring is no longer stackable Fixed definitions for Double slayer point ring There is now a limit when opening all of a box All bonds are now stackable 100% dr scroll is now stackable x2 drops scroll is now stackable The discord button now works on the client Added a drop rate boost to tectonic armour The sanguinesti staff now hits twice The requirement to attack vetion has been lowered The requirement to attack Crimson rangers has been lowered Lowered the spawn time for Darklords
  20. Dear players, I think current AFK zone are a bit out of date so I think it would be nice to have updated AFK zone with some points and a store we could spend to buy certain items like rare items or weapons, also regarding slayer would be awesome to have an option to be teleported to your task after you been given. Also when you put your 1b token into pouch have an option to put them all in one go as for now it has x and you have to enter an amount. Thank you
  21. x2 Drops Scroll (2hr) AND drop rate bonuses do not work on ALL "Mass Bosses". Mass Bosses Include: Dark Purplefire Wyrm Groudon Infernal Beast Blackstone Warmonger Hellfire Dragon Vorago Drops that drop rate work on but not x2 Drop Scroll Angelic Warriors: Angelic Helm Angelic Body Angelic Legs Angelic Cape Angelic Boots Angelic Gloves Angelic Shield Darth Rangers: Darth Maul Torva Helm Darth Maul Torva Body Darth Maul Torva Legs Dragon Minigun Rainbow Rex: Rainbow Rex Helm Rainbow Rex Body Rainbow Rex Legs Tokash: Ring of Devotion Hellfire Wizards: Hellfire Battlestaff Drops that BOTH drop rate AND x2 Drop Scroll do not work on. Lucid Warriors: Custom Justiciar Helm Custom Justiciar Body Custom Justiciar Legs Angelic Warriors Angelic Maul
  22. Regular Donor(::dzone): Blood Hounds Ganodermic Warlocks Extreme Donor(::ezone): Ganodermic Warlocks Vetion Blood Hounds Undead Hounds Tokash Legendary Donor(::lzone): Ganodermic Warlocks Blood Hounds Undead Hounds Darklords Tokash Crimson Rangers Angry Rexs Lucid Warriors Uber Donor(::uzone): Ganodermic Warlocks Blood Hounds Undead Hounds Tokash Darklords Darth Rangers Rainbow Rex Lucid Warriors Abaddon Deluxe Donor(::delzone): Vetion Blood Hounds Undead Hound Tokash Crimson Rangers Angry Rex Shaman Defender Darkblue Wizard Darth Rangers Rainbow Rex Lucid Warrior
  23. Love the armor sets. The blue ones my favorite 😛
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