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    • I made a forums account L
    • Guest Bigzy
      Yo all!  I've decided to start streaming Ethereal as I really enjoy the game,  come sub to my channel (I've just started out, but I plan on doing this more often) Click me If you dont' trust the "click me" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkiMqw0NGlSYYja8l7u21dw that's the link.   Big love, Bigzy
    • Seismic weapons are the best weapons in the entire game. These are the most elite end game items. There is the seismic maul, wand, and bow. You can receive these items by being one of the few who deal 200k damage to vorago. The rate is 1/2k Drop rate does not effect the table, x2 scroll does not work on these items.    Seismic Maul   Seismic Wand   Seismic Bow   These are the strongest weapons in game, and are difficult to get. With all the confusion of stats, and how fast they are. This guide should help you all. 
    • Guest Nightmare
      Bank Presets! I'd like to suggest on having bank presets, to open an interface with 3 custom presets with the actions: To save the current equipment and inventory as preset Able to save a title/name of the preset To clear the preset To load the preset equipment and inventory This suggestion is to help on saving time un-equiping and re-equiping different combat styles / custom outfits with the No. of consumables / items to be placed / organized within the inventory instead of doing it over and over again whenever we tried to stock up our inventory and organizing it.   Casket & Collector's Necklace / Drop Picker! Since Collector's Necklace / Drop Pickers are doing their job picking up items from monster drops, can the Casket drops be picked up as well. Also since Casket drops picks up as a single slot space, why not having the caskets stacks up like Clue Casket and not wasting the spaces in our inventory and the Collector's Necklace's benefits   Skilling Materials! Instead of having a shop in skilling zone with multiple skilling materials within, possible to open up the respective skilling shops, such as: Herblore - All the herbs, vial of water Fishing - Fishing rods, nets, cages and etc Cooking - Raw meats, raw seafoods, some pastries (uncooked bread / pizza base), and etc Runecrafting - Essences, talismans, and etc And followed by all the other skills, cause now doing skilling is hard to get materials and its as impossible to find and gather materials for those who are trying to complete Achievements task.   Daily Tasks! To have dailies from Easy, Intermediate, Hard, Insane, depending on how many modes with difficulty of the modes having prizes gained according to the difficulty of the modes taken. The daily tasks are the mixtures of random combat and skilling tasks.   Endless Dynamic Raids! Having dynamic contents in Endless Raids, as a creative developer myself, I believe that the Developer or Owner is possible to create an Endless Raid with the following gameplay: Every rounds are from different custom bosses with different combat styles to play with. An example like Player A enters Round 1, they'll get 2 Blood Hounds, and when Player B enters Round 1, they'll get 1 Crimson Ranger & 1 Giant Mole and etc. Completing each rounds, the bosses/mobs gets even harder, with more HP and stats Each rounds would have different count of bosses/mobs with different difficulty Upon climbing to higher rounds of the raid, you'll receive more points, such as Round 1 get 5 points, Round 2 gets 8 points and so on. Upon completing consecutive 10 rounds would get extra bonus points, such as Round 10 get extra 50 points, Round 20 gets extra 120 points There will be a shop to spend the points with Mystery Boxes, Super Boxes, Ultra Boxes, equipment for different combat styles, random pets, bonds, cosmetics and etc  
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